Premik v Maribor / Move to Maribor

The platform of contemporary dance & Modul-dance

How do we perceive motion, fluidity and the own movement? Are we aware of it?
Dance puts movement – movement of the body in its centre. The movement it exposes is a direct reaction to the cultural and social reality in which it takes place. Movement too is finely structured and determined by the architecture and ideology on which it grounds. As a structural form, it ties directly onto contemporary dance and transmits knowledge into the social reality of the everyday world.

The festival Move (to) Maribor follows state-of-the-art trends and the example of discussing social choreographies, through looking back on dance and looking forward on chorographical movement of the body in the widest possible sense. With intervening of everyday (in-situ projects) and artistic-dance (selection of performances) choreographies, some fine connecting threads are woven between both poles, diverting the focus on thinking about the possibilities of building a viewpoint and thinking, that would consciously stimulate bodies in movement and also reflect them – even if only through the observation of another.

The main goal and intention of the festival is to induce the spectator, the observer or the random passerby to start think and in this way to shift established practices and viewpoints, through exploration of diverse choreographic forms. The shift of viewpoints, relations and enthusiasm is the main intention of the festival, where not only people around in Maribor shall be moved, but also the citizens. A very personal experience is offered to them, where self-participation is followed by getting in touch with their own bodies, their movement and indirectly with contemporary dance.