Premik v Maribor / Move to Maribor


multi-annual cooperation project (2010-2014) funded by the European Commission

Modul-dance is an international project, made in collaboration between 22 European dance houses and media institutions from 15 countries. It supports dance art creation, dissemination and mobility for artists working in the contemporary dance field.

The projects base lies in supporting independent dance artists – those, that are at the beginning of their career, as well as those well-established names from all over the world. The selection of artists is made on the basis of proposition of each partner. This means that in 5 years time, each partner has an equal possibility to select two artists. The so chosen Modul-dance artist has the chance for realization of a big production in collaboration with the selected most suitable partner involved in the project. The selected artist is given the possibility to create a long-term creative process (based on the concept and content of their project) that could last up to two years. The process of each particular project is structured in phases or modules: "research", residency, production and presentation. In other words - the project takes care also for postproduction and touring of the piece on the stages of dance houses involved in the project. Besides these basic modules there are also additional modules, that are purposed for creating a network between the partners and their presentations.